10 things you should always check when staying in hotel rooms

According to the complaint, the camera was secretly filming guests who stayed in the room. He also reported the matter to Varanasi Police on Twitter and claimed that he was threatened by the hotel staff after he found the hidden camera. While the police has not confirmed whether a hidden camera was indeed placed inside the LED lamp set or not, the Twitter post went viral with most users concerned with guarantee of privacy inside budget hotels across India.

List mentioned below :

  • Check the speakers or speaker mesh in the alarm clock hidden cameras
  • Hidden cameras are often found Inside fancy lights and reading lamps. Check them carefully
  • Check the TV and set-top-box inside the hotel room, especially the power button and light
  • Check flowers and all other types of decorations, photo frames inside the room
  • Check for hidden cams in wall clocks and do the two-way mirror test
  • Check the ventilation and AC ducts properly with flashlight
  • Hidden cameras are often put inside power plugs or sockets. Check them carefully
  • Check hooks or towel and hair dryer holders in bathroom for pinhole cameras
  • Always check the fire alarm and smoke detector as these are common places for a hidden camera
  • Check knobs and handles of doors, closets, drawers and curtain rods for hidden cameras

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