About Varanasi or Kashi –The Spiritual Capital of India

Varanasi the Spiritual capital of India is well known amongst the pilgrims who come on their Pilgrimage tour to India the major tourist attractions in Varanasi includes the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple & revered Scenic Ghats situated on the banks of River Ganges there are a total of 88 ghats which are used for ritual’s & bathings but there are two ghats which are used for cremation namely : Manikarnika ghat & Harishchandra Ghat other prominent ghats from touristic point of view are Dashashwamedh ghat,Assi ghat, Kedar Ghat,Tulsi ghat, Rajendra prasad ghat etc.

All the visitors coming to Varanasi admire the beauty of this city having a boat ride in Ganges is a must do thing in Varanasi while on your visit here,Apart from the Hindus, Varanasi is a major pilgrimage center for Jain as well as Buddhist pilgrimage in India these two major religions in India find their routes in Benaras, The ancient Jain literatures refer to Kashi as a Jain Tirthaas it’s the birthplace of 4Jain Tirthankaras namely Suparshvanath, Chandraprabhu, Shreyanshnath and Parshvanath.

The 7th, 8th, 11th, and 23rd Tirthankaras respectively. This place equally has an important place for Buddhist pilgrimage as Lord Buddha’s first sermonwas delievered here in Sarnath other prominent things to do in Varanasi includes Varanasi City tour where you can see Famous temples in Varanasi like Tulsi Manas Temple,Sankat Mochan Temple (Monkey Temple),Bharat matatemple,Kal Bhairawa temple,New Kashi Vishwanath temple etc are some of the Major Siteseeing attractions in Varanasi which are not to be missed while on your visit to Varanasi.

Another Best thing to do in Varanasi is to witness the world famous Ganga Aarti ceremony which is performed every day at the major ghats of Varanasi most important being the one performed at Dashashwamedh ghat which is attended by millions of tourists & locals every day.

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