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Kashi is Older city in world

Is Varanasi older than its known history? In an effort to find an answer to this vexed question, a group of archeologists led by former professor of archeology at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Prof Vidula Jayaswal is busy "unearthing the antiquity" of this city through excavations at the ASI protected site at Rajghat with help from the Archaeological Survey of India.

Before Trips Make Planning & Purchase some useful things

The zeal to explore new places knows no age. It doesn’t matter if you have the energy of a young or the wisdom of an old chap - travelling to a new city or a new destination can make you feel accomplished. And that’s something we all thrive for, don’t we? Travelling to a new place provides you with an escape, a temporary disconnect from your regular day of juggling through multiple emails and getting stuck in traffic. Travelling is all about new experiences and with the upcoming summer holidays, make sure your family also gets to enjoy such experiences. While travelling solo is relatively easy, it’s travelling with the family that needs meticulous planning. A lot of things can be lost in transition and you need to prepare yourself well in advance for any mishap . A more careful approach should be taken when you’re travelling with a senior member of your family.

Best Things to Visit in Kashi

Older than history can acknowledge and the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi is a beautiful city nestled in Uttar Pradesh showcasing a vivid expansion of legendary monuments. A visit to Varanasi is a cultural bonanza for any traveler who wants to be part of India’s most exquisite ceremony – the Ganga Aarti. Famous for being a traditional city, Varanasi is located by the holy River Ganges and offers breathtaking views of natural elements, from waterfalls to pre-historic rock formations. Step inside one of India’s oldest inhabited cities – we give you an insight on some of the best activities and places to visit.

Manikarnika Ghat Largest Cremation of the world

Hinduism staunchly believes in rebirth. Cremation (Antyeshti Samskara) is one of the 16 Sanskara in Hinduism. It is believed that cremation relieves one’s soul in universe and opens a way to assimilate to divine.

Before Stay in hotel Room top 10 Things Check

According to the complaint, the camera was secretly filming guests who stayed in the room. He also reported the matter to Varanasi Police on Twitter and claimed that he was threatened by the hotel staff after he found the hidden camera. While the police has not confirmed whether a hidden camera was indeed placed inside the LED lamp set or not, the Twitter post went viral with most users concerned with guarantee of privacy inside budget hotels across India.

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