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The zeal to explore new places knows no age. It doesn’t matter if you have the energy of a young or the wisdom of an old chap - travelling to a new city or a new destination can make you feel accomplished. And that’s something we all thrive for, don’t we? Travelling to a new place provides you with an escape, a temporary disconnect from your regular day of juggling through multiple emails and getting stuck in traffic. Travelling is all about new experiences and with the upcoming summer holidays, make sure your family also gets to enjoy such experiences. While travelling solo is relatively easy, it’s travelling with the family that needs meticulous planning. A lot of things can be lost in transition and you need to prepare yourself well in advance for any mishap . A more careful approach should be taken when you’re travelling with a senior member of your family.

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind while planning a family trip, especially with seniors .

While travelling with your parents, always look for a destination that’s easily reachable via flight or road. A destination that appeals to you and your family’s need is the one you should go for. For instance, Barcelona is filled with museums and art galleries along with shopping malls to keep you and your family hooked. But as someone who is planning a family holiday, keep in mind the needs of your parents as well. You may be able to withstand the twisty roads of a curvy mountain but your parents will get tired soon enough.

Some other factors to keep in mind about the destination are:

Yes, the summers can be amazing for a trip to the Swiss Alps, but when travelling with seniors, the chilling mountains should be avoided. Look for a place which is neither too hot nor too cold for your parents to bear.

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